CERVANTES Ltd is an academy of languages and translation services, based in the UK. We offer same day translations and One to one and/or Group language tuition either face to face or online. We do provide lessons of Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Chinese and more. Just ask!
All our teachers are native, highly certified, experienced and very, very patient!!
Any languages translation service available.
Legal translations and/or informal translations are both very welcome.
We have big plans for our school this year, with new Group Lessons, discounts for those with low income, full time academy and cultural awareness training and bespoke in-company language courses for business.

Would you like to start but have no idea how?
We would recommend you to start with a two day (weekdays or weekend) intensive program and then with weekly sessions thereafter.
Hours of operation for CERVANTES are:
Monday-Friday 9a.m.-8.30p.m. off line / Monday-Sunday 24 hours on line.
Please have a look further at CERVANTES Ltd website, you will not regret.
Would like to contact us via email?

Struggling with money? Low income? Talk to us about our reduced plan for those in a low income. We are very keen to help you financially to achieve your goals.



CERVANTES success formula lies in different aspects.
  • First and most important:
Teaching a language, for instance,  is not just that, but teaching a life style as well (at least to us!).  If you want to know what this does really mean, if you want to try a different life style, where treating yourself and enjoying good times with family and friends are some of the most important things in life, then, you are in the correct place.  Because life is only one and once,  here is the Spanish language contribution to the internationally famous words -FIESTA & SIESTA-
  • Second aspect:
Based on the Direct Method, we use a technique to teach a foreign language without reference to the students´ native language. This method of total immersion has been proven to be the most effective means of rapidly developing real language skills.
It is recognized as one of the best methods for language instruction and currently used around the world. With this method, students quickly develop the ability to think in their language. This approach is both easy and satisfying. Student progress is quite rapid. Students progress at their own pace in a relaxed and engaging atmosphere. With our method, students will start speaking their target language from the very first lesson (guaranteed), even if they have never spoken a word of their new language before.
  • Third aspect:
This is a real effective way of learning and practicing any languages with different native teachers who work as a team, behind lessons,  to ensure students´success. This is totally up to the student, it´s not a must!
You will enjoy lessons with different accents and voices with us.  Since our experience we DO totally believe alternating lessons with female teachers and male teachers can definitely help students with a faster and effective improvement. 
This way of learning is very close to a real interaction with locals in their country,  with the advantage of being at your own home and more important, our teachers speak and teach a proper and neutral language, no dialects!!
Once in there, you will be easily able to achieve an interaction with locals as your ear will have been trained with different accents, genders and tones of voice. 
Tired with boring memorization?
Do you find formal grammars tiresome and less than effective?
This proven method also provides participants with a comprehensive range of services conveniently integrated in one solution, such as:
Each Class Includes:
  • Easy scheduling of One-on-One, One-to-Two or Group Lessons
  • Pronunciation practice
  • MP3 recording of the class session (so you can revise them later)
  • After-class Email with notes/common errors
  • Self-study and trainer-directed online courses (membership available)
  • Skill focused activities on a variety of topics
  • Articles on a variety of topics of current interest  (newspapers, films, etc)
  • Chat with skype/phone
  • Really affordable fees ( apart from discounts always available).
  • All materials are included in the charge (no hidden fees).
Our team of fully licensed and CRB checked teachers and pedagogical experts understand that learners have individual needs based on their level at entry, time availability, and learning style preferences. CERVANTES offers each participant the opportunity to select the most appropriate and effective range of activities, online and offline, homework, and phone and/or internet lessons in order to ensure efficient learning and long-term retention. The convenience of this system creates an optimum learning environment in which learners not only improve their language skills, but also gain confidence in the use of the language, which are basic ingredients in achieving fluency.
Internet Classes
Go to class—right at your office desk or home!! Internet Classes take advantage of the tremendous flexibility that comes from innovation to create a virtual classroom. With the use of chat rooms and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), we can offer a virtual environment in which trainers and learners can interact freely. We offer various skill oriented curricula to be delivered online by our trainers. Among the many advantages of Internet classes:
  • Full Interactivity Two-way Voice over Internet Protocol enables you to ask questions and receive answers in real time, just like in a traditional classroom. You can even raise your hand!
  • Cost and Time Efficiency - You don't have to travel to the course location. You can participate from anywhere as long as you have access to a computer.
  • Flexibility - Convenient scheduling to meet your needs.

Legal Interpreter and legal advice service available here.  

We are pleased to introduce Silvia, an Spanish lawyer, able to help you with legal advice about any Spanish or English legal issue like drafting letters, filling applications, dealing with any public services: Inland Revenue, Job center, Council, Immigration issues...
Silvia has a law degree granted by a Spanish university (License Number: 28.198, Barcelona), ask for further details. Email our academic director, Leonor:cervanteslanguages@gmail.com

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