Are you interested in learning one of the languages of the future, Russian or Mandarin Chinese? Then, we can help.

Learn Russian with a lovely teacher who is a native lady from Russia, lives in Barcelona and is a complete fan of Barca FC!

Drop us a line today and ask for Victoria!: cervanteslanguages@gmail.com

Victoria, from Russia.

Hi everyone who wants to learn Russian. My name is Victoria. I am a native teacher of Russian. I live in Barcelona and I work delivering Russian lessons online as well as in Barcelona. My experience allows learners to achieve a good results in the study of the Russian language. My students are from different levels and needs. If you want to learn to communicate in Russian, I can help you.

Hola a todos los que quieran aprender ruso. Me llamo Victoria. Soy profesora nativa de ruso. Vivo en Barcelona y trabajo dando clases de ruso, por skype o en Barcelona también. Mi experiencia permite a los estudiantes adquirir un buen nivel de ruso. Las clases son de diferentes niveles y necesidades. Si quieres aprender a comunicarte en ruso, te ayudo hacerlo.

Добрый день, пользователи сайта изучения языков. Меня зовут Виктория, я живу в Барселоне, Испании. Я преподаю русский язык всех уровней и направлений на испанском и английском языках. Мой опыт позволяет изучающим достичь хороших результатов в области изучения русского языка как иностранного.Итак,  если Вам нравится изучения русского языка,Вы хотите узнать много о России и Украине, я Вам в этом помогу.
Виктория Чирва.


Matryoshka Dolls

Mandarin Chinese is the language required in formal situations in China.
Our lovely teacher, Mr Qiao, is experienced in teaching Mandarin Chinese as well as translating any documents from English/Spanish/French/Italian/German/Portuguese into Chinese, and viceverse.
He is very flexible and patient- Mr Qiao will not teach you only the language but the ancient Chinese culture which is something really remarkable for students.
Don´t hesitate to email us if you want to live this incredible experience through Jinsong Qiao´s hands.
Some of our students are already doing it and they are very happy!
For further information, email: leonorpolaka@gmail.com
 Jinsong Qiao from China
My name is Jinsong Qiao, from China. I graduated from Henan Institute of Science and Technology in 2006. My major is English. Now, I am an English teacher in Lingbao Secondary Vocational School. I like western culture very much. Furthermore, I love our Chinese culture. China is a civilized ancient country with thousands years of history and Chinese culture is broad and profound. I hope I will play a role of emissary to broadcast Chinese culture all over the world via Internet, so that all foreign friends who love Chinese culture can feel it during our communication
Red Beach at Panjin
Night fishermen on Li River
The Great Chinese Wall