We are growing!!! 

We are now introducing new subjects such as Maths face to face in Eastbourne area as well as everywhere else online. 

Key Stages 3 and 4, GCSE, A levels , Edexcel, AQA, and more!

Our teachers are very patient and understanding, motivating and inspiring students in order to make lessons fun. 

We are pleased to say that these Maths lessons are available in English and/or Spanish, which is great!!!!!
So Maths lessons will be carried out in English language in Eastbourne area, whilst they will be carried out online if Spanish is your native language. 

If you are looking for extra Maths tuition, English grammar/Literature tutoring or a combination of both, we can help. We are totally flexible to you and your child’s needs.

Ideally, students attend a 1-1/2h (90 minutes) weekly session, however we understand that every family is diverse and has different needs.
Our main aim is to help our students conquer their fear of Maths and English!

Continuity is important, so we are open all year round. However there is no lengthy tie-in, programmes can be designed around your child’s needs so no notice is asked.

Our proffesional teachers provide the guidance students need to take learning into their own hands, increasing their motivation to succeed and achieve.

Every child is different, so their programme of study should be too. Our individualised and tailored programmes enable students to progress to an advanced level, at their own pace, so they can realise their potential and experience success.

We can provide extra support with individual programmes of study for children planning to take school exams - whether it’s for SATs, GCSEs, A-Levels´, Common Entrance or other school exams. 

Our school also offer a special programme during the summer break, to give your children an extra boost or maintain their skills level, helping them build skills and gain in confidence in order to succesfully face their next level!!


Christine, our English teacher

Christine is one of our lovely native English tutors in Eastbourne. As well as an Art qualification in English, she has a medical background and she is very experienced helping others to improve their English. Christine is a sociable, patient, a very happy person, and fun!! She is very keen to learn about new cultures and her refined standard English will delight your ears.
Would you like to meet Christine and enjoy her company as well as improving your English with her?
Email us today and book your place: cervanteslanguages@gmail.com

Carmen, our Maths teacher

Hello, my name is Carmen, I was a Maths and computer sciences teacher in my native country, and I gained my Qualified Teaching Status here in the UK in 2013. I have also had and cleared a DBS check.  I am passionate about Maths, having two years experience as Maths and Computer Sciences teacher and also two years experience in tutoring private maths lessons. I had very good results in my previous job as teacher.
Apart from my country, I have also worked in Japan managing database on computer and Italy for many years.
I also have seven months experience in the British schools. I am completely familiar with Mymaths to the highest level.
I am a communicative person, always willing to learn more, and I love to teach. One of my favourite expressions is “Maths is not difficult, Maths is fun” and I am doing my best to make the students believe as I do. I am relaxed and friendly, but also serious in my work.
Maths can be likened to a building, where every brick is a part of the whole. Therefore, to be able to progress and arrive at the next level, a complete understanding of every brick is important.
About myself, I can say that I like to travel – I lived and worked in four different countries, but I still hope to travel and see new beautiful places around the world.
In my spare time I enjoy walking, reading,  or using my cross trainer and going swimming. I also practice yoga, and enjoy baking nice cakes ... and at last but not the least, I love working in my garden.

Get ready for your Maths and English exams!
Email us today: cervanteslanguages@gmail.com