Either North American or English teachers are available and very happy to help you.
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Hello. My name is Christopher Williams and I have been teaching English since 1996. 
I am from Washington DC in the United States and I have a BA in English from the University of Maryland. 
From 1993 to 2004 I taught business English in Paris, France. I now reside in sunny Florida. I have traveled extensively throughout Europe, North & South America, and the Middle East. My 11 years in France taught me not just the French language – it gave me the ability to work cross-culturally in the corporate arena. My teaching method consists of a mix of role-play exercises, viewing videos to boost vocabulary, pronunciation drills, and targeted grammar review when necessary. Students from around the globe have told me they feel relaxed in my online classroom. Let’s refine the language skills you already use and add new tools to your English adventure. 
My professional background is in marketing as it relates to writing and producing various corporate media. I have produced advertising and corporate videos for companies such as Panasonic, Toyota, Raytheon, and Proctor & Gamble. 
More about me: An avid aviator, I have a private pilot’s license. In my spare time I play with my 2-year old boy on the beach behind our house, restore antique harpsichords, collect 1940s-era juke boxes, and sleep. 
Do you want to meet Chris? Email us now! cervanteslanguages@gmail.com

Jehane is a native British English speaker teaching English in Spain, where she has lived for several years.  She is a qualified TESOL teacher and has been teaching English for over 8 years.
Jehane teaches conversational and business English online to students all over the world, including, France, Italy, Portugal, Russia and Japan.  She also teaches face to face English lessons to Spanish students.
In addition, Jehane speaks fluent Spanish and some French and German.  She loves languages, how they work and helping others to learn English.
Her work also includes copywriting, editing and translating and before becoming a freelance language teacher she was a marketing manager in England for a major British retailer.  Jehane has a business background and especially enjoys teaching business English.
Whether you want to improve your English skills for leisure or business purposes, Jehane would be delighted to help you with:
r  pronunciation
r  grammar and vocabulary
r  reading and listening skills
r  writing and editing documents (business or general)
Jehane’s English lessons are planned to suit individual students’ needs and abilities.  She uses a variety of material to make the lessons interesting including grammar exercises, internet articles, general articles focussing on specific areas (for example; business, travel, education, applying for a job, moving to England). 
The first lesson enables Jehane to assess your level of English and your objectives.  She will work out a plan to suit your requirements and ensure you learn English and, importantly, enjoy the lessons! 
In her spare time Jehane loves to spend time with her children relaxing in the beautiful area of Spain they live in.
Would you like to learn English with a sophisticated British accent? Email Leonor at

Hi, I'm Mark and I am from London, England. I am degree and TEFL educated with several years of experience. Since 2009 I have been living and working in SE Asia where I have been teaching English and biology in schools as well as online. Since I have been living here, I have had the opportunity to travel extensively, meet some wonderful people and sample some really interesting cultures which I think is important when it comes to teaching students from different backgrounds and understanding their needs. My background is in science and for twenty years I worked in England as a scientist / manger for a multi-national healthcare company. My commercial background has enabled me to communicate with students at all levels and I specialize in business English and interview skills. My conversation classes aim to increase the speakers confidence in using new vocabulary and I use structured worksheets to build on several key skill areas: question answering, vocabulary building, reading / pronunciation and comprehension, phrase building and use of idioms in context. Whether you are at school or involved in high level business, let me take your English skills to the next level and beyond. I am friendly, relaxed and most importantly….patient!
In my free time I like to travel around Asia although there's still plenty of places on my list! I also enjoy swimming, walking / hiking and going out to eat fine food with friends!
Our great teacher from London, Mark, will help you to achieve your goals.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!!!