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We are delighted to introduce our English tutors.

Hello. My name is Christopher Williams and I have been teaching English since 1996. 
I am from Washington, DC in the United States and I have a BA in English from the University of Maryland. 

From 1993 to 2004 I taught business English in Paris, France. I now reside in sunny Florida. I have travelled extensively throughout Europe, North & South America, and the Middle East. My 11 years in France taught me not just the French language – it gave me the ability to work cross-culturally in the corporate arena. My teaching method consists of a mix of role-play exercises, viewing videos to boost vocabulary, pronunciation drills, and targeted grammar review when necessary. Students from around the globe have told me they feel relaxed in my online classroom. Let’s refine the language skills you already use and add new tools to your English adventure. 
My professional background is in marketing as it relates to writing and producing various corporate media. I have produced advertising and corporate videos for companies such as Panasonic, Toyota, Raytheon, and Proctor & Gamble. 
More about me: An avid aviator, I have a private pilot’s license. In my spare time I play with my 2-year old boy on the beach behind our house, restore antique harpsichords, collect 1940s-era juke boxes, and sleep

Do you want to meet Chris? Email us now! leonorpolaka@gmail.com

Hello! I’m Katherine, a 25-year-old currently living in Seoul, South Korea.  I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana; the Midwest of the United States.  I have an itch to move my feet and see new places which has brought me not only to my new job as an English teacher for elementary-aged students in Korea but has also taken me to places such as Spain, Greece, Germany, Japan and Thailand to name a few.
I love to travel, take pictures, read and spend time outdoors kayaking and hiking. I have a passion for teaching English to both adults and children and am currently certified to teach English with a TESOL/TEFL/ TESL certification through Oxford Seminars. I began teaching English about 3 years ago as a volunteer to adult refugees in my hometown of Indianapolis. While teaching there I fell in love with the thrill I get from both seeing my students improve their language skills and learning from people of other cultures. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University with a major in Spanish in 2010 and though I’m currently living in Korea my goal is to return to school in the next year to become an English teacher in my home state.
I love meeting new students and the chance to have a genuine language exchange with someone. I utilize many different materials in my lessons such as news articles, handouts, homework, pictures and music. I prefer to keep my lessons upbeat and casual. I believe learning English is best accomplished through the use of conversation and exchanging feedback between tutor and student. From my experience, students learn better when they enjoy the material they are studying and for this reason I love to get to know my students and be myself in my lessons and I encourage my students to do the same.
I look forward to getting to know you and if you have any questions feel free to contact Leonor at 

Hi, I'm Melina Lozano, from Chicago, Illinois, USA. I have been living in Wisconsin for most of my life.  When I was still a teenager, I wanted to be a linguist, and began as an English as a Second Language tutor for foreign students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I eventually got my Ph.D.  I also majored in Spanish, and am currently on faculty at Madison College World Languages Dept. and Globe University. My father's family is from Mexico, and my mother's is from Sicily and Sweden, so I have always been fascinated by Latino & European culture and language.  In the last several years I have given several conference papers on the topic of Quechua or Runasimi, a language spoken in the Andes of South America.  When I'm not teaching or enjoying international experiences in my city and online, I'm hanging out with my daughter, Tara Mitsuko and my puppy, Theo, or I might be biking around town.
One aspect of teaching that I love is connecting with people, finding out what makes them tick, and sharing aspects of life, all of which makes learning language and other synaptic associations take off.  I like to use a combination of different conversational topics and online resources (plus ocassional gestures =) to keep lessons new, challenging and fun.  Our curriculum will vary between intensive verb exercises and literary or thematic topics but always taking time for conversation; please advise me of your preferences!
We look forward to hearing from you soon!!!