CERVANTES supports ELE (Español Lengua Extranjera) books´ new authors. Please, have a look at it.
My name is Charlie de Wirtz, and I'm the author of 'Spanish with Carlos'.
I created this self-study course because my students told me I should. 
I wrote the course in the same way that I teach - in a way that is personal and easy to understand. 
Have a look at the sample Module on my website -www.spanishwithcarlos.com
If you read just a page or two, you will see that I have written it in the same way that I speak to my students when teaching face-to-face. The idea is that studying the course makes you feel like I'm sitting next to you and explaining everything in a clear and personal fashion. 
The word that best describes 'Spanish with Carlos' is user-friendly. Try it out! 
As you can see from the feedback on the website - the "Buyers' views" link - others have loved it. I'm sure you would too.