A 15 hour/ week Spanish language course with Spanish and culture. Our study Spanish program and methods ensure Spanish student participation, beginning with simple structures and advancing steadily towards enabling students to communicate first, in the classroom and later in basic, real-life situations.

This course has been created specifically for THOSE who wish to take advantage of their free time. The program combines two levels/groups,
1) beginner-lower intermediate-intermediate,
2) Upper intermediate-advanced.
Providing our language course with social activities and visits to local places of historical and cultural interest is our objective in order to improve our students skills so they can communicate in Spanish in every-day situations and beyond.
The course includes classes, excursions and activities embracing all Andalusia has to offer. Sergio and Leonor will accompany the students on all the organized outings and will help participants put into practice the material previously covered in the classroom.
Dates:  From 25th July to 1st August, 2012
Duration: 1 week
Lessons/week: 15 hours
Students: Minimum 4, sharing two houses
Timetable: 9.00h - 12.00h (a tea break in the middle)
Levels: Two separated levels
1) First group; beginner-false beginner-lower intermediate
2) Second group; upper intermediate-advanced
This course includes 1 week Spanish intensive tuition in the mornings (lessons carried out by Leonor*, a highly qualified and very experienced teacher of Spanish who currently runs an school of languages in Eastbourne as well as on line), self-catering and shared accommodation in a traditional Spanish house near the beach, and additional activities in the afternoon/evening such as Tapas, cultural trips, sailing, Flamenco, Natural Park visit, pubs and many more amazing things to do!! Always with wonderful guides: Leonor and Sergio.
*One another teacher will be available in case of two different groups.
Barbate is a town of some 20.000 people on the Costa de la Luz, 40km north of Tarifa. This modern town, (often called Barbate de Franco because the ex-dictator spent many summers here as Barbate was one of his favourites places in Spain), has grown up around a fishing industry which goes back to Roman times when the fish-salting industry was at its peak.
Its modern layout lacks the charm of some of the more traditional Andalucian villages, but there are nevertheless, some nice buildings in the heart of the old town. There is a modern square "Plaza de la Inmaculada" with the Town Hall on one side and the ancient Church of Sta Paulino on the other.
The town is popular in the summer with Spanish holiday makers although it is generally untouched by foreign tourists.
Barbate has a wonderful "promenade" where you can stroll for almost 2 km, from the River Barbate to the Marina. The town main beach called Playa del Carmen is very popular. This contrast with beaches under the cliffs to the north of the fishing port and the Marina that are virtually deserted even in the height of summer.
To the south of the River Barbate estuary, the beaches of Playa del Botero stretch for miles. These are also unspoilt as most (but not all) are discouraged by the 'Military Zone Keep Out' signs.
Just to the north of the town, a vast protected area of pine forest reaches down to 100m high cliffs. The miles of long sandy beaches flanked by pines are well worth a visit.
To the south is another Protected Area, the marshy salt-flats of the Parque Natural de la Brena y Marismas del Barbate.

ONLY 395 pounds/person!!
What our price includes:
1. Intensive Spanish course and material
2. Self catering and shared accommodation close to the beach. Breakfast included.
3. Utility bills
4. Transportations, pick up and drop off airports, tours and trips inside Spain.
What our price does not include:
Flights, lunches, dinners, tapas, drinking outside and personal expenses as gifts, clothes, etc... Don´t worry, tapas in there are wonderful and unexpensive (1, 2 or 2.5 euros max)!!
To Tarifa: A sight-seeing tour: Whales and dolphins sight (alternative event will be ready for those who don´t like water activities)
To Vejer: A visit to a pintoresc white town, with Moorish influence, located on the top of a mountain. Let´s meet locals in there and have a nice dinner al fresco.
To Barbate: A cultural visit to the Interpretation Tuna Center, including a boat trip where the famous Battle of Trafalgar took place.
To Cadiz: A visit to the oldest city in Europe, with more than 3000 years old, celebrating the First Spanish Constitution, La Pepa, which was born there. It is a well worth a visit.
To Barbate: A walk through a Natural Park, La Breña. Just to the North of the town, a vast protected are of pine forest reaches down to 100m high cliffs.
A day at the beach!!   And much more along the week! This is something you will positively always remember!
A 100 POUND DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE (payable by cheque/paypal/bank transfer to Leonor or Sergio. Deposit no refundable in case of student´s cancellation)
Yes, I would like to reserve my place.
I want to pay my deposit via
Bank transfer
Credit card
Please, send me a deposit invoice to (your email here, please):