Recomiendo siN duda esta academia. Muy buenos profesionales. Mi inglés ha mejorado mucho gracias a ellos. Les doy un 10. Un saludo.

This is the school to come to if you want to learn a language, which for me is Spanish. They are very professional and, at the same time, friendly and flexible regarding a timetable. There is variety in the lessons and they are always interesting. I enjoy them very much, and I feel I have learned a lot. I am always recommending Cervantes Languages Ltd to friends. Long may it continue!

¡¡Una academia excepcional!! El profesor de italiano, un encanto. Le regalé unas clases a mi chico para prepararse un examen y... ¡¡¡sobresaliente!!!

My name is Robert Warburton and I reside in Manchester, England. My wife and I have been attempting to learn the Spanish language for the last two years. We have tried all the usual routes Lingual phone systems, books, Cd,s etc with little success.
Approximately twelve months ago we were introduced to Leonor who carries out live Spanish lessons online. The progress we have made during this time has been excellent .I think that being in a position to speak the language with someone who truly understands it is far more beneficial than just listening and repeating. Leonor is a fantastic teacher very reliable and has the patience of a saint and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any person wishing to learn this great language.
Her only bad point is that she likes Liverpool football club and Fernando Torres, but I suppose nobody is perfect.
Rob Warburton

The Spanish lessons received from Cervantes Ltd are helping enormously.  The insistence of speaking in Spanish, while difficult at first, has proved essential and really creates confidence in using the language.
Max von Barnholt
VBK Lighting Consultants ltd
Lessons with Maria Muñoz from Cervantes are the highlight of my week!  She's patient, has a great sense of humour, makes things really good fun and explains things brilliantly.  I have learnt more with Maria in a few months, than I have ever learnt before studying a language.  I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone else interested in learning Spanish!
Desideravo un'insegnante che fosse attenta ai particolari,che mi permettesse di raggiungere livelli di precisione, che non mi proponesse lezioni standard ma adatte alle mie necessità e posso confermare di averla trovata. In Leonor non ho trovato solo preparazione e pazienza ma anche un'insegnante versatile
capace di rispondere adeguatamente ad ogni mia richiesta linguistica. Consiglio vivamente Leonor sia a coloro i quali non hanno dimestichezza con la lingua ma anche a coloro i quali necessitano perfezionare il loro livello.
Stefania- Italia

I think my English tutor is a good teacher.
She always tries to bring new things into the lessons, thinking in your progress but avoiding to make them boring.
She is also a very nice person, it is easy to talk with her.
Julio Castillo
I was a complete beginner with Spanish, and after a course I had enrolled for was cancelled, I looked around for a tutor. Leonor is a great choice - she has endless patience. Changing methods of learning, plus one-to-one tuition, has enabled me to progress from a simple 'hola' to understanding speech and the written word whilst learning grammar and vocabulary. It doesn't come naturally to me but I don't feel like the hopeless cause I was before, and I have the confidence to try to speak Spanish as my accent and pronunciation is good thanks to Leonor.
J’avais étudié l’espagnol au lycée il y a plus de… 30 ans et bien qu’occupant des fonctions internationales depuis très longtemps,  je n’ai utilisé que l’anglais, hormis durant quelques séjours touristiques sur la Costa Brava...
Depuis deux ans j’ai pris la direction Europe du Sud de mon entreprise, et ai vite réalisé au cours de mes séjours à Madrid que parler espagnol au moins durant les traditionnelles rencontres tapas de fin de journée, me ferait gagner du temps pour tisser de forts liens avec mon équipe espagnole..
En surfant sur le web, je me suis vite fixée sur Leonor … Pourquoi ? un sixième sens ? Bien m’en a pris ; chaque semaine depuis plus d’un an c’est 30 minutes de plaisir.
Le soleil et la chaleur andalouse alliés à la détermination et au sérieux d’une danseuse de flamenco.
Je vous la recommande fortement.. d’ailleurs deux françaises de mon équipe ont demandé à démarrer l’espagnol avec elle et elles sont toutes aussi ravies.
 “I studied English at the college more than… 30 years ago and thus I had have international positions since a long time as well I only used English (except during some private stays at Costa Brava).
2 years ago I was appointed as Regional Director Southern Europe and very quickly I realized during my stays in Madrid that speaking Spanish (at least during “tapas sessions” after work) would speed up the process of having tight links with my Spanish team).
Browsing the web, I stopped on Leonor. Why? My sixth sense? Anyway it was a good choice, every week since more than one year it is 30 minutes of pleasure each week. The sun and heat of Andalucia mixed with the determination of a flamenco dancer.
I recommend her strongly.. and in fact 2 French ladies in my team asked me to start Spanish lessons with her. They are as delighted as me.
Regional Director Southern Europe
FROM JOSH MAUNDER (Manchester, England). GCSE LEVEL.
Para mí, la experiencia que he tenido con, Cervantes Ltd, y mi profesora,  ha sido excelente. Sin la ayuda con mi espanol, especialmente mis habilidades orales no me sentiría seguro con mis examenes. La comunicación entre yo y mis profesores ha sido fantastica porque siempre me informan sobre mis lecciones y mis deberes y no ponen mucha presión a yo. Mi profesora es amable y si tengo preguntas, me da una respuesta ideal. ¡Cervantes Ltd es fenomenal en mi opinión!
Recommendation Letter
It is a great honor for me to write a letter of recommendation for Leonor Barrientos.
I have known Leonor for over one year while she was working as a Spanish tutor in our language studio. And I have been consistently impressed with Leonor's attitude and productivity during the time that she has worked. Leonor teaches Spanish online for Kazakhstani students using skype video conferencing and different supplemental programs.
Last year, Leonor developed and successfully implemented streamline plan for our students.
Her teaching peculiarity is that she surprises students every lesson with a new interesting topic, and whole lesson is constructed around that topic. Thus difficult grammar material is presented in easy and fun style. Students love to come to Leonor’s lessons and always try to guess: what is the next topic to discuss? Her every lesson is full of creative and interesting tasks, audio files and presentations. She has amazing verbal communication skills for online teaching.
Leonor has individual approach to each student and she always finds time to give certain feedback on students’ academic progress. She is a hard-worker and highly-motivated professional. Now she is one of the most qualified tutors in our language studio. I would also like to point on Leonor’s excellent relations with students and with my colleagues. She has a very positive and friendly personality. Leonor is open- minded and well brought up. During her time with us Leonor has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success. Sincerely,
Aigerim Kiribayeva
General Director
I have experience in studying languages, as Spanish is my 4 language. I started my lessons with Cervantes Ltd in November 2010 and since then I have improved a lot.
I can honestly say that my teacher is one of my best teachers I have ever had. Also, the materials that I receive from Leonor, the manager, are very entertaining and interesting, helping to memorize words and expressions easily.
I am confident that with this progress I will speak Spanish by end of this year.
 I’m studying Spanish with the Open University and desperately wanted some conversation practice.  I live in the south of England but in an out of the way sort of a place and couldn’t find anyone locally so I trawled the internet and after much searching stumbled upon Cervantes Ltd quite by chance –and I really think I struck lucky! 
First of all they are very flexible.  For example, I preferred to do my lessons by phone rather than using the computer and they were fine with that.  They are also really friendly and calm which is exactly what you want in a language teacher.  When I get in a mess with what I’m saying, the words aren’t coming out right or I can’t think of the tense, they just tell me to stop a minute, take a deep breath and relax and normally I get there!  I’ve only had half a dozen lessons with Cervantes Ltd so far but already I feel loads more confident speaking Spanish.  Plus, I look forward to my lessons rather than dreading them – it’s more like chatting to a friend than working!
It’s very simply to give you some feedback about Cervantes Ltd. I’d like to use some adjectives:
·         Patient
·         Always focused
·         Always available
·         Very courteous
·         Very nice
My son introduced Leonor to me.  He now lives in Madrid with his Spanish girlfriend, soon-to-be wife!  I visit them quite regularly and would like to understand, speak and enjoy the language better.  I learnt Spanish at evening classes 30 years ago but because so much time has passed, I consider myself to be a beginner.  However, since Leonor has taken me on board, after only 6 months, I feel comfortable with Spanish and no longer feel self conscious when speaking a foreign language.  Leonor is cheerful, enthusiastic and approachable.  Her patience is unending.  I have one conversational lesson per week.  Every other week Leonor introduces points of grammar.  Not only have I learnt so many new words and phrases, I have also discovered Spanish history, geography and culture through our conversations.  Having 1:1 lessons over the Internet, using Skype, is fantastic!  When I don’t understand or can’t catch the word, Leonor uses Skype instant messaging to write it down for me.  Leonor is flexible with days and times.  As I work full-time, the lessons have to be in the evening and sometimes I am tired.  However, because our conversations are fun and we laugh a lot, I feel enlivened and motivated as soon as we begin.  My listening and speaking skills have definitely improved.  I live in Worcester and Leonor is in Eastbourne.  It doesn’t matter where you are, if you want to learn or improve your Spanish contact Leonor – you will be glad you did!
Tanya Willson
My feedback about Cervantes lessons is very good.
I’m improving my English and is very enjoyable to do lessons every week.
Alberto Mombelli
Key Account Manager
Hello everybody!
Please allow me to introduce myself:
I was born in Monaco 53 years ago; my mother was Italian and my father Spanish.
Unfortunately they divorced when I was still a toddler.
Living in France, Nice, Marseille then Paris, I rapidly lost contact with the Italian and Spanish languages. However, I constantly kept in mind that I wanted to learn properly
both of them.
It is through “Skype” that I met Cervantes Ltd.
With them I realise my dream to speak Spanish regularly and am certain to be very soon fluent. My dad, not anymore with us, would be proud to know that his mother tongue is still spoken through me. This is the best tribute, I could pay to him.
Cervantes´s staff are very exceptional people, with a lot of patience and understanding. They never get annoyed with me when I can’t find a word and they always have time to listen to me without judging. True teachers, I have found and hopefully, one day they will be true friends.
If you want to learn Spanish, definitely contact this school online, Cervantes Ltd! Hasta luego a todos !
Dominique Ventura
I have been having twice-weekly online Spanish lessons with Cervantes since August 2009, and would highly recommend them. I travel a lot so online lessons have been ideal for me, and they have also been very flexible to fit in with my changing weekly schedule. I am learning Spanish because I have always wanted to be fluent in a second language and my boyfriend is Peruvian. Cervantes's total immersion method means that they talk entirely in Spanish during lessons (apart from the odd occasion when I'm really stuck!) and use a completely Spanish text book. I have found this very helpful if a litle challenging at times. Lessons are an enjoyable balance of grammar and conversation and I have been pleased with my progress.
I decided to learn Spanish after visiting some rural areas of Barcelona last year and struggling to speak with the locals about finding directions to an event I wanted to see. Typing into the translator on my phone just made me look and feel rather stupid! This was my tenth or eleventh visit to Spain but I had previously only visited the main tourist areas where most of the locals spoke English. Everything about Spain had always seemed more attractive to me; the food, the wine, the football, the women! A friend of mine recommended Leonor as a tutor and I contacted her for lessons. Having left school at 15 and not studied anything since (I am now 25) I was a bit worried about my abilities to learn something from the very beginning but the lessons with Leonor always have the perfect balance of fun (to keep me coming back) and learning (to make them worthwhile). If something is not immediately obvious or requires further explanation then Leonor is always patient and has many ways of explaining or demonstrating things until they are understood. I have often asked Leonor to translate Spanish songs or text for me, which she has always done with no extra charge. My lessons are always scheduled to my convenience. Learning a language is something which is very in depth and difficult to do, yet Leonor makes this difficult task both enjoyable and rewarding!
Carl Stacey
My name is Gill, I live in the South of England close to Eastbourne, and have travelled to Spain on holiday for many years. To date, I have been typically British about only speaking English in Spain.  I now work for an American company, who have offices across Europe, including one near to Barcelona.   I have a very busy work schedule, training and supporting these offices but I now feel it would be challenging and satisfying to learn to speak and to understand more of the language spoken around me.  I searched on the internet to find a local private teacher and was delighted to meet Leonor. Leonor is so friendly and flexible about where and how we could fit in the lessons.  She even gave me a first introductory lesson free! The method she uses is really fun and gets results quite quickly. Although I am usually tired, once Leonor starts the lesson I always feel excited to learn something new and we laugh a lot so it does not feel like hard work. The rate is affordable and I can usually fit in a lesson once every week or two. Leonor keeps in touch regularly , even on the weeks we cannot meet, so I always feel in touch with the classes. I would recommend her to anyone looking to learn Spanish in my area.
Gill Morris
VP Licensing - Europe
My name is Paul Willson, I am 32 and I work in IT. The reason I am learning Spanish is that I have moved to Madrid and I need to practice my Spanish. Before I started my Spanish lessons I had a high standard of Spanish but I still needed to improve and have regular practice. My lessons with Cervantes covered all areas of Spanish grammar and a lot of vocabulary. The exercises done in the lessons were very helpful with vocabulary as my tutor always asked if there were any words I did not understand. Also because the lessons were all in Spanish I found my speaking and listening improved a lot and my confidence improved. I found my tutor a very good teacher as she tried to understand my level of Spanish and tried to set the lessons to my personal needs.
Paul Willson
I am studying both French and Spanish for A-Level but lack confidence in my spoken Spanish, as my French is much stronger. Cervantes Ltd has been a fantastic help with my Spanish oral. They are patient and understanding, and happy to cover whatever topics
I am unsure about. Cervantes never hesitate to give up their time, whether it be to answer questions I have or explaining grammar difficulties.
I cannot recommend them enough, they are excellent teachers and I am very lucky to have found them.
Lilly Freeman